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Car DVD players can be welcomed breaths of fresh air on long road trips. There are mainly four car DVDs on the markets now: In-dash DVDs, Headrest DVDs, Roof mount DVDs and Sun visor DVDs. Sun visor DVD player is an interesting and cool way viewing your favorite movies without the screen space limitations in-dash car DVD players normally present. Furthermore, it supports multiple diskettes and formats. All the set parameter and position and be memorized and restored automatically. In addition, the sunvisor dvdcould take rear view monitor as a bonus.

Everyone knows that in most cases the driver misses out on watching the great movies that their passengers are being able to view. Its the drivers responsibility to simply watch the road and ensure that all of their passengers arrive to their destination safely. Well, how unfair can it be to the driver? The driver is the one that puts the movie in for the passengers to enjoy, while they just get the opportunity to sit and listen to the movie and cannot enjoy the full effect of viewing the film.

For this very reason many modifications have been made to the systems. We are not trying to sidetrack safety, because of course the driver does need to focus on the road. But why do you have to sit there staring at the road during a red light, waiting on the light to turn green? You should be able to enjoy the same movie as your passengers. For this reason alone, there are now sun visor DVD players. There are certain times of the day no matter where you reside that the sun may seem to be too much on your eyes.

So what do you do? You just need to put your visor down to block the rays.

Car sun visor DVD player is your home away from home entertainment center. Now, even if you are out driving or want your kids to stay stuck in their seat while you are behind the wheel on a long drive, you can make it happen. The features of the sunvisor dvd make it even sought after by car owners because they are the perfect companion during long driver or sleepy night.

Most of the car sun visor DVD player is compatible almost with any car and models. In addition, you can play not just DVD but also SVCD, CD, MP3, MP4 and other great enhancement features. Apart from this, you can also experience anti-shock electronically, remote control function, ISO output and power wired harness. Whats more, there are also cables to even make your sun visor DVD fully efficient and great for any car.

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