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Can you ever own the best computer?

With all of the best and fastest technology coming out monthly how do you know if your computer is " Top Shelf"?

Hey, I have a dual Pentium Pro 200mhz server, with 12 bays for CD/DVD burners, has Scsi controllers and 4 drives. It was the topnotch server setup on wheels, with a nice big door, quick change drives (hot swap scsi), in 1996!

In 2003, it was given to me and had crappy old NT on it. I installed Knoppix Linux, and it is now a capable home network server.

Old iron is pretty great, too. It is a case of using the appropriate tool for the job. This is being composed on an 800Mhz Dell Dimension 4100 (FREE, curbside!), running http://pclinuxos.com

How much money do you want to throw at this "having the neatest, fastest, most complex machine that I can't even really use, as I am so stupid about the 500+ real Operating Systems, and am all wrapped up with bragging rights!"

An AMD or Intel dual core processor, running at 3 to 6 Ghz, with 1 Gb of RAM, running *BSD or GNU/Linux would be the delight of his life for a forensic security expert, or an astronomer, or a geek, for years.

'Top Shelf' could mean you want the fastest OS, to run the hardware best. A good BSD, Gentoo, or LFS (Linux, compiled by your system, From Scratch), which is precisely suited to your hardware, but, you could start with http://pclinuxos.com

Learn the basics of making the system optimal for your purposes. Learn all the hot OSes for great performance.

This is like you buy a really great and fully fitted out sports car, but, you can't drive a stick, or shift in a reliable manner. And, you don't really want to to spend the money to attend the Bob Bondurant Race Car Driver School.

Yeah, it is all about 'bragging rghts'.

You, and your type, disgust the real computer enthusiasts who know how to make the winning benchmarks.

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