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What are the advantages of a thin client like Wyse?

My school is beginning the process of getting rid of our traditional CPUs and replacing them with Dell Wyse thin clients. What is the advantage to this?

The advantages of a thin client system are as follows:

The school can use a large number of low priced, low performance machines on the desks for the students to use. The actual processing is handled by a small number of powerful servers. The majority of the time, particularly in a school environment, each user is using very little processing power. It makes little sense to have high power levels on each desk for the few seconds when the processing power is required. It is better to have a small number of high power processors that are shared by the users and are each doing much more real work.

Having the applications running on a small number of servers in a central location makes it far easier to keep all the applications working at the same update state.

Centrally managed servers are easy to keep updated with the latest antivirus software rather than trying to get AV updates applied to all the desk top PCs. This means that the school will be better protected from virus attacks and spyware.

Storing the data is a central location, allows the school to provide a backup service for all the students rather than relying on each student protecting his or her own data.

Students can move round the school and access their data from any thin client terminal.

When the next major leap forward in processing technology or operating systems comes along. The school only needs to replace its few servers rather than all the desk top systems around the school.

The performance of applications running on a thin client system is similar to or in many cases better than on individual PCs.

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