Digi Etherlite

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More facts about the DigiTrak XT Recorder:


The large display, with onscreen lead map along with EASI placement makes hookup quick and easy, ensures noisefree recordings, eliminates the need for external test jacks and avoids retests.


• Automatic power ON self-test checks battery capacity, memory card integrity, and recorder electronics to ensure reliable recording every single time.


• Innovative design features, including onscreen status indicators, automatic DST adjustment, personalized default settings and secure cable connection ensure ease of use and reliability.


• Onscreen gain adjustment improves onscreen ECG visualization.


• Water-resistance ensures that limited exposure to water will not stop the monitor from performing, thereby protecting your recording and investment for the long term.


• Non-removable memory prevents accidental loss of valuable patient data, avoids retests and is a cost-effective solution, eliminating the need for constant data card replacements.


• Two-year warranty protects your investment.


State of the art recorders that are water resistant, small and light, using only 1 battery—provides patient mapping with lead faults, Pacemaker adjustments and auto record. Accommodates any type of patient including pediatric and pacemakers while ensuring more comfort for the patient. Recorders have ECG displays and allow nurses to acquire the best "hookups" and ultimately better tracings.

With our ECG analysis technology and 12 lead ECG capabilities, we can obtain Holter reports with as little as two leads. This technology allows us to have the fewest repeat tests in the Holter industry.

United Cardiac Services offers the latest Holter software analysis program for the most difficult patients. The software has been validated by over 30 databases from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and American Health Association. This analysis program has been validated for accuracy and reliability for over 30 years.

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