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The core stability is the ability to control and stabilize the position and movement of the body. The core refers to that region of the human body which is bound by the lower back, abdominal wall, pelvis and the diaphragm. It includes the abdominal region and the muscles of the hip, spine, trunk and pelvis. This central region is responsible for keeping our body stable during movement. While athletes and other people engaged in physical activities engage in core stability, it is also beneficial for those people who suffer from poor postural habits, weak ab or back muscles or orthopaedia.

Training Methods
To develop and maintain core stability, a number of training methods are implemented such as:
Pilates - A physical fitness system born in the early 20th century, Pilates aims to develop a strong core and uses a number of devices to realize this. Pilates is based on six principles: control, centering, concentration, breathing, precision and flow.
Swiss ball - Also known as an exercise ball or a fitness ball, it is used in several exercises. Most often, it is used to train the core body muscles. The instability of the ball actively engages the body and many muscles.

Important Core Stability Exercises
Core stability exercises target the muscle deep inside the abdomen. Most of these muscles are connected to the pelvis, spine and shoulders. They help in maintaining a good posture and balance. One could classify core stability exercises into three categories:

Static Floor Exercises

-Also known as the prone hold, you lie down on your stomach
-You lift your body off the floor, using your elbows and toes for support
-Keep your back erect during the hold
-The plank strengthens the abdomen, back and shoulders.
-The main objective of this exercise is to maintain the position without moving for a long period.

-Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet on the floor
-You feet should be at hip-width distance and your arms at your sides
-Contract your abdomen muscles and pull your hips.

Your body forms a diagonal from the knees to your chest
-Keeping your stomach contracted, drop your hips to the floor
-After a pause, raise them to the starting position
-This is a simple bridge which you can perform repeatedly. There are many other variations

Dynamic Floor Exercises

Oblique Crunch
-Lie on the floor back down, with your right ankle over your left knee
-Your legs should form a right angle
-Place your right arm to the side
-Keep your right shoulder down and curl your left shoulder up to the right knee
-Repeat the procedure with the opposite limbs

Straight Leg Raise
-Lie back down on the floor with your knees bent
-Contract your abdominal muscles and raise your legs up in the air
-Your legs should be at an angle of 45 degrees to your back
-Keep one leg in the air and lower the other
-Keep doing it until you feel your lumbar spine move
-Raise the leg again and repeat the same procedure with the opposite limb

Here are a few tips you can consider when performing these core stability exercises:
-Warm up before each workout
-Start with the traditional exercises before progressing to more challenging exercises
-Perform the exercises regularly and consistently

Benefits Of Core Strengthening
-Enhances movements, in both sports as well as in everyday life
-Greater body control during movements
-Helps to generate a greater power output, from not just the core, but also from the shoulders, arms and legs, since most of -these muscles are fixed to the pelvis or spine
-Increases the stability of the pelvis and spine during strenuous activity
-Enhances overall body balance

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