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ok after u defeat the 2nd boss (the shape shifting one), get the pure heart, and return to flipside, where is the heart piler? i can't find it anywhere!!! plz help, i will give the best answer to the 1st person that helps me

Move through the dialogue then take control of Peach. Follow the Koopa to the right door and move through it. Fall off the platform and move through the door to the left, then the next door to the left. Head left again for another cutscene.

Next, you'll find yourself back in Flipside Palace as Mario. Take the elevator to the left to find Merlon. Follow him into his house, then exit out and head right. Continue to the elevator at the far end, then head left, where you'll find Peach. Thunder Rage - Strikes enemies with lightning Fresh Veggies - Life Shoom - Revives you with 5HP if you completely run out of HP. 001 - Goomba Card - (1 - 1) Behind the tall pipes after first meeting the Koopas. 044 - Squiglet - (1 - 1) On top of Bestovius's home. 045 - Squig Card - (1 -2) Behind a rock in the Yold Desert, just past the Red Palm Tree. 053 - Boomboxer Card - (1 -2) Atop one of the houses in the village (purple and green window). Use brown blocks to reach rooftops, then work your way over to it. Jawbus Card - (1 - 2) Collected via a Collect Card. Buzzy Beetle Card - (1 - 4) In the room where you find the 3rd Ruins Key, find the secret path on the right side by using 3-D. Kite Dragon Pink Sleep Ice Clouds Little rock /s Little Dragon.

Only thing i can say really.

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