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Power Mac G5 Wont work with normal Monitor?

i recenty got a g5 so i bought a dvi to vga adapter at best buy. When i hooked it up i got no video signal. Im new to apple so i have no idea why its not working. Do i need diffrent cables or is there something wrong with the g5?

OK, presuming this is an old Apple G5, and not an HP G5 rackmount server...

It could be that what you've got on there is an Apple Display Connector, which looks almost the same as DVI but might not be 100% compatible. See if you can get hold of an ADC-VGA adaptor (or ADC-DVI if you've a DVI monitor) and give that a go. Be warned these are normally only available from Apple Stores unless you scour online, and so can be rather expensive thanks to their price-gouging. (Displayport-VGA adaptor cost me at least twice what any other generic adaptor would have done)

That or it's only giving out digital signals for some reason - though if you had a digital-only socket, the analogue-capable plug shouldn't fit because it'll have pins that there aren't holes for.

Other than that I could only suggest broken computer, broken video card (they allegedly just use plug-in GeForces, presumably with socket mods), broken adaptor, broken VGA cable or broken monitor (whether completely bust, dodgy VGA socket, or dead power adaptor) ;)
Lots of variables to test I'm afraid.

It could also be that the video signal the G5 is putting out is incompatible with the monitor. Quite possibly too high-resolution/refresh rate/both if e.g. you've got it pre-used from somewhere that did CAD work on extra-large monitors. Most modern LCD screens just show nothing at all if the supplied image is too large for them. I would have expected Apple to make a computer that could auto-detect and adapt to this, but it's not guaranteed. Unfortunately, though I could tell you the way to force it down to a lower mode on Windows, I don't know for Macs - you'll have to go googling or ask that question of yahoo specifically.

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