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MD's Opteron server, AMD server products are now very rich and mature, and now both the stability or compatibility and quality, use of AMD's server more secure assured, according to the market today use Opteron 280, super Micro H8DCE-HTE, 2 1G DDR EccRegistered memory configuration a higher cost performance of the common professional servers.

AMD Professional server three "selling point"

1.AMD Opteron 280 price is only 980 yuan, compared with Xeon2.8G1200 yuan, from the cost performance is the most expensive processor market

2. AMD server board is the best combination of quality and low price

3.AMD copper chassis fan + Qin Cheng constitute a perfect cooling system to ensure long-term stable operation of the server

Combination of the above structures of the server product, not only with strong performance and practicality, and can be configured flexibly adjusted, fully applicable to the needs of most small and medium enterprises, is the most cost-effective server market server configuration.

Best-selling general-purpose server market professionals Now with the continuous advance of the tide of information, not Everbright enterprises and government agencies began to implement information technology. Large number of SMEs are now designing their own information: buy domain names, building sites, paved internal network, to increase the competitiveness of the enterprises themselves. So, we in the procurement of critical network devices - servers should pay attention to the problem?

Can say that changes in the server market a few years of very fast technological development of more and more like the server PC, the.

This is mainly because the server level to improve the standardization and the ratio of the increase caused. With today's new technology 64-bit processors and dual-core processors, making the entire server market, more obvious replacement of old and new products.

Server and Selection of the points

CPU Opteron 280 Dual-Core Opteron Support x86-64 instruction set, and for 32-bit and 64-bit program to provide excellent performance.

HyperTransport technology interface can provide the next PC, workstations and servers need lots of memory and I / O Bandwidth

Dual-channel 128-bit DDR memory controller integrated into the CPU, any application should run faster.

Motherboards AMD H8DCE-HTE AMD H8DCE-HTE support two-way AMD Opteron200 processors, and compatible with both single-and dual-core capacity; with Broadcom / ServerWorksCPU, the highest support for 32GB of DDR400/333/266Registered memory, support for ECC and ChipKill function. Has a strong network adaptability of the two Gigabit Ethernet interface, can meet the market demand in the tower or rack server designed to use the ATX size, through optimizing the design of this space, regardless of the base Rack server or primary server constructed by the construction are concerned, are excellent value for money. In addition to a small space to meet their basic needs, it also brought a fine all-round performance and scalability.

Server cooling system (1). Opteron CPU cooling fan --- Hurricane fighters use AVC

AVC Hurricane fighters using advanced heat pipe technology, challenge the traditional air-cooled heat limit. Heat pipe using AVC own R & D to manufacture products, top quality; odd macro technology on their own R & D and manufacturing of heat pipes to enhance the cooling effect obtained for the heat pipe radiator made the most perfect demonstration

AVC by Hurricane fighters of the future direction of the heat pipe radiator + reflow manufacturing process, the maximum support to the AMDAthlon 644000 +! It to get better performance, using two U-shaped heat pipe to the bottom of the to link together with the heat sink again, CPU heat from the aluminum fin heat sinks at both ends of the transmission, cooling efficiency will multiply!

Big into the wind! ! Unique curved sickle fan leaf length, leaf bending sickle special fan page design for greater wind pressure, high-performance! And double ball bearing life up to 50,000 hours or more, running super stable!

AVC Hurricane fighter at the bottom of the CPU heat sink with copper material contact parts, and after fine polishing, thanks to its fast thermal conductivity of copper material properties, can be more effectively brought about by the E3-core CPU great heat conduction to the cooling fins on time. Aluminum heat sink is embedded in a copper more advanced than the technology - precision soldering methods and pure copper base connected to the heat, breaking the traditional aluminum extrusion process limits the thickness of the heat sink, within the same volume , greatly increased the number of cooling fins, while the weight is greatly reduced, no longer load-bearing capacity of PCB board to worry about.

AVC Hurricane fighters Product Index: Fan Size 70mm x 70mm x 15mm

fan type TWO BALL (double ball bearing) life of 50,000 hours

fan speed 2800-5000RPM (+ -10%) Temperature speed

32-45 CFM fan air flow fan noise 28-42 dB (A) motherboard 3pin Fan Interface port speed monitor support heat sink size 76 x 68x 37 mm

heat sink technology advanced heat pipe technology + Copper (copper reflow process)

CPU support AMD K8 Opteron.AMD Athlon 64 4000 +

Worth mentioning is the perfect quality, AVC Hurricane fighters selected the latest AMD K8 processor tuberous padding climax standard radiators, to assure long-term use need not worry about the server

(2). Selected Qin Cheng chassis? Sure that the server and smooth throughout the cooling

Typical configuration

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