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As a business grows, many things change, and soon those Excel spreadsheets give way to an actual accounting package.  The company picnic wherein you used to know everyone, turns into a large gathering with faces you don’t quite recognize anymore.  Then, sooner or later, IT begins to outgrow the servers they are on, needing bigger, faster and more.  Working for a company that is growing in size can be very rewarding, but it also comes with challenges.  Fortunately, thanks to HP’s Proliant line of servers and storage solutions, IT needs do not have to be one of those challenges.

Tower systems, rack systems, blades – as technology grows with your company, the size and type of servers in your business grow as well.  Many companies start off with modest needs.  A server for accounting, and perhaps one or two for file sharing.  As more employees come on board, and sales increase.  Soon those towers in a small closet turn into a small computer room with a rack.  Thereafter, that small computer room then turns into a small data center.  In the blink of an eye, or the turning of a fiscal year, that small data center has now turned into multiple data centers with blade systems that begin to expand as your parallel needs also expand.

With the HP Proliant line, no matter what your size, or what your growth potential, you can stick with a platform that grows with you.  No more constant retraining of IT personnel on new system configurations, or trying to get a hodgepodge of systems to work or fit together in a rack system.

Proliant HP servers, from the smallest to the largest blade chassis, are designed to not only perform, but also use common system management features to help keep your IT systems working.  Also, they work no matter if you are a company of ten, or an international corporation with tens of thousands.

It is not only the commonality in the platform that is appealing to many businesses, but also the design features.  HP Proliant systems are designed to exceed the most stringent of energy efficiency standards in the marketplace today.  Some models boast ninety-two power efficiency ratings; and all models are designed to use less energy than comparable models from other manufacturers.

Proliant servers are also engineered to perform – so no matter if they are in a small office in Nebraska, or a large factory floor in North Carolina, you will spend less time maintaining them and more time getting your investment back.  When something does go wrong, HP’s award-winning technical and product support can help you get back up and running with a minimal disruption to business flow.

It’s not uncommon to walk into any IT shop and see a mixture of servers from various manufacturers.  Wouldn’t it be nice to simplify all that – to know that your IT systems are designed to work together, grow together and perform together?  After all, IT shouldn’t be a deciding factor in which direction the business goes in, it should assist the business grow through better use of resources and process automation.  HP Proliant line offers just that.  HP Proliant is a system of award-winning, intelligently designed, efficient, state-of-the-art servers that can support your business no matter how big, or how far, your business may grow.

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