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An ATV, by simple definition, is a four wheeled all terrain vehicle, which is ridden off road, and is ridden just like a motorcycle. It has the ability to ride through, sand, dirt, and rocks, when there are no roads. ATV's were first used in agriculture, due to its ability to go through rough terrain. These days ATV's are also used in outdoor recreational activities, and as a vehicle in extreme sports; used in racing and aerial tricks and maneuvers. Regular ATV's come in a variety of colors, styles, types (utility and sport), 2x4 wheel drive and 4x4 wheel drive, and engine sizes ranging from 250 cc to 450 cc. The more extreme ATV's are available from 500 cc to a whopping 700 cc, and are additionally equipped with sports shocks, sports tires, and various engine augmentations and modifications, which make these extreme vehicles go extremely fast, leap extreme heights, and are equipped with shock absorbers that can withstand impacts a regular ATV would not be able to withstand.

Mini Quad ATV's, on the other hand, are much smaller ATV's, which were designed specifically for the use and enjoyment of children. ATV's with an engine size of 50 cc are recommended for children 6 to 12 years of age. ATV's with an engine size of 90 cc are recommended for children and teenagers 12 to 16 years of age, and ATV's with an engine size of 90 cc and above is recommended for teenagers 16 years of age and above. These ATV's are equipped with additional safety features, such as remote controlled speed regulators and emergency kill switches, and are equipped with the regular safety features of regular ATV's like brakes, rear and head lamps, and signal lights. For additional safety, it is recommended to make kids, or any person, wear safety gear for added protection.

Mini Quad ATV's were designed specifically for the outdoor enjoyment and recreation of children, which should be under the watchful eye, at all times, of adults.

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