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Can Tomcat handle 5000 concurrent users without performance degradation?

I have an online exam application running at an University with around 5000 users giving exam online at a time. Can Tomcat handle these many connections without performance degradation ? Or I should use other application server for this ? Which one is most appropriate ? WebLogic ? WebSphere ? Oracle AS ? GlassFish ? Pl. help

Your question is really related to scalability, i.e. how well TOMCAT can make use of the available hardware capacity (servers, cores, memory) and how it can keep on providing acceptable service when you increase that capacity (add more CPUs or more servers).

I am pretty sure it can take advantage of the multiple cores/CPUs on a single server: this is largely a feature of the multithreading implemented in modern java runtimes that enable the use of multiple cores and CPUs.

But I am not sure about its ability to scale in clustered architectures, i.e. multiple servers providing access to a single distributed application. Oracle Weblogic definitely supports that and probably also IBM Websphere. I am not sure about glassfish.

There are other considerations such as the maximum memory a JVM can use depending on the platform (windows vs linux, 32-bit vs 64-bit): JVMs on windows 32-bit are limited to 1.6 GB of RAM anyway, so you can forget that approach. Any reasonable application like that one will be running on a 64-bit linux.

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