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Due to the fact technology continue on advancing, we notice that there is just so much information around us daily. You can’t really store all of them in a single place. A lot of us would store important stuffs like our family picture, school document, and critical credential information in our laptop or computer. That causes it to become even harder for us to keep all of those information with us once we have to travel from one area to another. Luckily we have a tool call USB Memory Stick. For those who have not know, USB means Universal Serial Bus. As we discussed, when using the USB memory stick, we were able to keep all the information around at all time because of its portability. Now, why should you decide to buy an USB 1GB Memory stick as a gift or for personal use this holiday season?

The Value

The cost of USB thumb stick continues to be getting cheaper and cheaper for most recent year. three years ago, I acquired a 512 Memorex USB stick for almost 35 dollars. Lucky for everyone, in today market, you can aquire a 1gb USB memory stick at under $10. If you do not intend to make a large dent in the bank for over spending this holidays then usb memory stick is a fantastic best alternative. Your boyfriend and brother will enjoy it for sure. It is a great gift for guys.


You could conisder that 1GB USB seriously isn’t sufficient enough for storage information. You may also thinking to purchase an external hard drive instead but which will be the greatest mistake you’ve ever made. First, you should ask yourself these questions: Will I be travelling a lot? Should i have the USB thumb drive beside me at all time? If your response is yes to any of the question above then you should not buy an external hard drive.

Primary reason is because their dimensions are almost 50 times larger than the traditional 1GB USB Memory Stick. I don’t think you would wish to carry it along with you while travelling. It could be extremely inconvenience.

Best Place To Buy USB 1GB For Cheap

As I have mentioned before, USB 1GB is inexpensive now a day, and you can get it for very cheap if you know where to look. My best recommendation is to visit the following website and check out what they have in store: http://www.usb1gb.com/

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