001 Unit

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Please help me with this chemistry homework !?

1. Consulting the “Laboratory Glassware Tolerance” table in the appendix of this manual, 10
mL volumetric pipets have a tolerance of 0.02 mL. This means the volume of this pipet can
be reported to four significant digits with a +/- error of 0.02 mL. Therefore, the volume of
this pipet is 10.00 mL +/- 0.02 mL. How would you report the volume of a 2 mL pipet and
the volume of a 25 mL pipet to the correct number of significant digits with its +/- error?
2. Why do you suppose the beakers and Erlenmeyer flasks are not in the “Laboratory Glassware
Tolerance” table?
3. A set of measurements had a standard deviation of +/- 0.001 units. From this information
alone, what can you determine about the accuracy and precision of the data? Explain.

1. if 10 mL volume pipet has .02mL error
then 2mL would be 10/2=5, so .02/5= .004 mL error

for a 25 mL pipet... 25/2= 12.5 so .02/12.5= .0016 mL error

2. Maybe because they have a higher rate of error (they are less precise instruments of measurement)

3. the accuracy is great, and the precision is even greater, based off of the standard deviation of +/- 0.001 units

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