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There is an enormous demand for Flash based data visualization tools. Especially, for the ones which work with AJAX. Hence, it is apparent that AJAX has gained tremendous popularity. This is due to the fact that AJAX provides better interactivity to end users.

Ajax provides a better interface to users because unlike other scripts which trigger a page reload each time a HTTP request is sent, AJAX only refreshes the targeted portion of a page. The AJAX engine actually acts as an interface between the web server and the user. So, when a user clicks on certain control (i.e button, drop-down list etc) displayed on a web page, only the desired content is updated. To a user, the transition seems continuous as no page refresh has occurred. Thus, AJAX not only reduces the strain on the web server, it also helps in optimizing the bandwidth usage of the server and the client's machine.

The advantages of AJAX help in providing a great experience with Flash based data visualization. Most websites that display Flash charts or other types interactive graphics also provide an option for user end interactivity. Interactivity is usually provided in form of drill-down, which means that when a user clicks a certain portion of chart - a new chart, associated with the clicked plot will be displayed. Without AJAX, this action would have taken several seconds as page refresh would be inevitable.

To integrate Flash applications like Flash based data visualization objects with AJAX an API module is needed. Not all Flash based charting and data visualization tools support integration with AJAX. Hence, in order to implement a charting tool with AJAX script, it is essential to obtain a Flash charting tool that offers relevant APIs.

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