Compaq T5000

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How can I make a HP Compaq t5000 work at home?

These computers are meant to run with no hard drive on a central server. I was given a couple of them and want to use them as a secondary computer.

Would getting an external hard drive work? This is not my field any help would be great.

what do you want to do with it? it can BARELY run windows xp. it's got a 533 mhz CPU and 64mb of ram, the bare minimum to run it in safe mode.

but that's if you can manage to put anything on it. it has only 32mb of ATA ram. that's not enough even for win95 to be installed on it. and it doesn't have usb boot, so you can't run anything from an external hard drive or usb key. it has no interior ports for hard drive/cd drive either.

if you refer to this datasheet:

you can see that the only usable operating systems are windows ce (no support for firefox or any type of ''normal'') and he other is windows xp embedded service pack 1 (outdated)

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