Compaq T5720

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Compaq Laptops are among the most popular brands of laptops used by the techno-buffs worldwide. Laptops are the most tech savvy and business savvy computers till so far. Laptops are like a notebook which you can carry anywhere whether travelling or in office or in home. Their flip design is just perfect to protect the keyboard and screen after the use. Laptops are just amazing! The first product of Compaq, the Compaq Portable was launched in the market in March 1983 at a price of $2995. This was quite reasonable price at that time and it sold about 53,000 units in the very first's year. This model can be said as the ancestor of today's laptops.

Compaq Presario, the most popular brand of Compaq, was introduced in retail computer market in mid-1990s. Compaq models include Compaq Evo, Compaq NC, Compaq Presario and Compaq Armada. Compaq Presario is among the best Compaq Laptops. Within the Compaq Presario Range, there are many models available with different features. Mainly, this laptop has 2.8 GHz Intel Pentium 4 Processor and 60 GB hard drive. 512 MB RAM is just perfect for storing large files and running multiple applications at a time. Other features include DVD/CD-RW combo drive, 15.0-inch LCD screen, ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9000 IGP graphics card and integrated JBL Pro Performance speakers.

There are various kinds of laptops available in the market for the different kinds of users and wide range of usages. For basic home and office work, budget laptops are right. For more advanced work requiring multimedia features like audio and video, you can go for workhorse, which has in built webcam and sound system. Tablet type laptops have handwriting reorganization software.

Another kind is ultra portable laptops with shrinking keyboards and screens.

Compaq laptop prices are just worth what they offer. Because of its hi-tech features and easy maneuverability, Laptops command more prices than traditional PCs. You can purchase Compaq laptop according to your budget and requirements. If your requirements are very minimal and basic, then you can opt for low price Compaq company laptops which start from about Rs.24, 000. For more sophisticated usage, you can go for expensive ones and they can be as expensive as Rs. 155,960.

You have very easy and comfortable option to buy online Compaq laptops. You just have to match your requirements with the features available in a laptop. Out of wide range of Compaq Laptops, you can easily find one for yourself. A Compaq laptop is just made to enhance your productivity. Compaq Laptops are simply the best!

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