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I need help with my car!!!!?

Ok. Going down the freeway offramp, short ramp where i live" my car stalls.

Try to start it it makes this wierd noice? Doesn't sound normal when its turning over. Doesn't sound like it has compression.

Towed it home. replaced the fuel filter and pump, think that was the problem but no.

Tested the spark plugs, coil, distributer, " " cap, cords, voltage etc. sounds like its an electrical thing. 1.9 HP FI 89 escort gt.

starters is good?

the new list
fuel pump assem. filter
crank shaft cam shaft. "tested really goodcompresn"
ac pump
exhaust brakes etc.

father took out the spark plug after pouring some gas in there.

turned it over10 sec took out the plug it was wet with gas?
the spark is a yellowish color? the coil and distributer is good? checked the timing belt.
im replacing the spark plug wires tomarrow?

but all ther sudden?
doesnt seem like the wires?


Did you replace the distributor cap?could be the graphite stem.You must have a clean good ground at the battery for it to start.Timing belt may have jumped time.Could have a stuck open EGR valve.Is the condenser properly grounded.May need carburetor rebuild.

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