T5000 Client

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Dapeng T5000 Qwerty keyboard TV WIFI Quadband

Could you honestly get by without a cellphone? Ha that is a funny question, cell phones have become a necessity rather than a luxury item, and cell phone batteries are even more important due to the fact that they are the lifeline of your mobile. As we all know a cell phone is not just a phone anymore, its a fully functional multi-media device that we can use for work, gps tracking and just for plan ole fun, but all that functionality can come to an abrupt halt if your cell phone battery dies.

Let's talk about cell phone batteries for just a few minutes. Cheap cell phone batteries more specifically, you can typically find hundreds of vendors online selling cell batteries at discounted pricing, and from the outside looking in, the prices are very good. But you must first consider what you are buying, aftermarket batteries are cheap in price but the majority of the time they are cheap in craftsmanship as well.

Now although you will get a great deal, what really are you buying? Let me give you some hot tips on what to look for when purchasing a new battery for your cell phone.

1. Make sure you have the correct battery, your cell phone battery should have the phone model on the packaging.

2. Check to see if the battery has an indicator built in, I have found that most aftermarket batteries do not have this feature, and will cause the battery to overheat and possibly leak into the electronics of the phone and will cause damage and or safety hazards.


Check to see if the battery carry's any warranty, usually aftermarket does not. You may have to buy several batteries vs. buying one OEM.

4. Even though the labels may tell you that the battery has the same contents as an OEM or genuine battery, don't be disappointed when you get 50% less battery life and inconsistent charges.

These are just a few tips for you to consider, I would recommend to go out and do your research, read some customer reviews and get on some blogs to find out how well these aftermarket batteries work before buying them. I think you will find that most people spend the extra money upfront and are more happy in the long run.


This Dapeng T5000 Quad Band Slide Phone is Dual Sim Cards dual standby,and it has many language,such as english,Spanish,Portuguese,Italian,German,French,Russian,Czech,Greek and other languages,and it has 2 colors,black and brown,so please tell us the language and colors you need when you place order. One of other points is it has 3.6 inch big TFT big touch screen and with Famous Qwerty Keyboard and handwritting input. There has the auto horizontal function and handshaking function,so you can change the songs and pictures easily. Dapeng T5000 from http://www.agoodic.com/viewproduct.asp?/Dapeng_T5000_Qwerty_keyboard_TV_WIFI_Quadband.htm

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Dapeng T5000 from http://www.agoodic.com/viewproduct.asp?/Dapeng_T5000_Qwerty_keyboard_TV_WIFI_Quadband.htm

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