Terminal 1gb

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I have a HP computer which has an on board nVidia graphics chip which was great for general computer operations but not really that great for multimedia or gaming.

I saw this card for sale with the ridiculously low price it is, and, considering its specifications, I figured I would give it a try since I had an open PCI-E port free in my computer.

What an improvement this card has made! Not only did my computers video processing performance increase 500 percent, but the overall image quality it displayed is noticeably more lively!

To all the vista users, this video card takes full advantage of vista and do it with awesome performance. For an idea of how this card handles gaming, I have Bioshock for the xbox360 so I downloaded the Bioshock demo on my PC to compare.

Getting Bioshock to run on my PC with this new card was easy with a very good frame rate at the highest settings. However, in the end my xbox360 clearly outperformed my PC with Bioshock in just about every way.

While my PC unfortunately could not run Bioshock up to par with my xbox360, it could run it at a more than playable frame rate at medium quality settings. So if your a person who doesn't need the best of the best and just wants to play some games then this card is probably ideal for you.

But, if you think about buying this card, there are just three main requirements you should have met before purchasing: at least a 300 watt power supply or higher, a spare PCI-Express slot and have either a Windows XP or Windows Vista operating system and you should be all set.

This review should help you decide if this card is the right one or not for you.

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