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As part of our well-known IT products, luxury goods are generally difficult to equate! Not to mention the graphics cards and motherboards as replacement products often, when the introduction of new products and continuing until the price out of the market. But there are some products manufactured by the standards of luxury production and custom. In this year's June 1, the international brand MSI have launched a charm with LV card: 9800GT 1G limited edition! Let us open this LV graphics and mystery noble it!

LV, as the same package, MSI launched the limited edition of the 9800GT is full of modern and classic style is not lost. LV uphold the same high-quality, high-brand high-end line, lightweight package seems fine shape, quality, comfort and simplicity more light!

LV brand most commonly used is the combination of several colors + dark golden brown, the color in the past is the exclusive use of the European royal aristocratic tones, while the MSI N9800GT 1G LV in limited edition, but also the first time such a bold use of color combination. To LV brown outer appearance is similar to material wallet! MSI package is also evident in the capital under the foot!

MSI 9800GT 1G limited edition is the first use of brown MSI graphics card PCB. With the more common red, green, black PCB design, dark golden brown + design is no doubt all the more noble.

MSI 9800GT 1G limited edition will be more than an ordinary PCB of the PCB to be long 9800GT! It is understood that this is because the original PCB design is long, but for some reason, so the design of improved wiring, it is a piece of vacant PCB. MSI of course, is also very eye-catching, and this highlights the limited version of the 9800GT 1G stickers to the space on the PCB, both beautiful and generous.

Overall, MSI 9800GT 1G The limited edition is not only a very good product, and as a result of MSI's strong advocacy and promotion, the recognition of the card is very high!

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