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A Day Trading Computer should be reliable, fast, and efficient. It should be able to concurrently run multiple applications and processes without any lulls in productivity. When purchasing a boxed unit that is manufactured by the thousands, you might find one with a great motherboard, an effective processor, or maybe even one that has the RAM capacity youre looking for; but youre never going to find all of those in the same unit. Instead, think about building the best machine from the best parts.
When talking day trading computer components, RAM isnt one of those middle-of-the-road guys. In nearly all cases, RAM either works, or it doesnt. Many RAM chips on the market are insubstantial and burn out easily, so choosing one from a reputable manufacturer is crucial.

In addition to finding a dependable model, RAM in any computer, but especially a day trading computer, needs the capacity to run lightening fast. Triple Channel RAM is a relatively new in motherboard architecture. The simplest explanation of Triple Channel RAM is a tripled peak bandwidth over channel systems. If you dont know what that means, dont sweat it, but know this: its REALLY fast.

Another other key factor to consider for a day trading computer is the amount of RAM youll actually need. The very minimum you could operate with would be 3GB which could suffice for a Windows 7 64-bit and some basic applications. If you planning on actually using your day trading computer to be a day trader, however, this option will simply not work. A 6GB to 12GB is a much more reasonable, with an obvious large span of options.

A 6GB is a great place to start if this is your first day trading machine, but extra RAM, while not always necessary, is never really a bad thing.

A day trading computer needs to executes tasks with speed and precision, and simultaneously serve as a central hub of information. RAM is the key to both. If you are serious about creating the best Day Trading Computer, finding a reputable brand for your RAM chip is not a luxury or really an option; it is a necessity. Opting for lesser quality to save a few dollars on the front end will almost always cost you far more in lost time, and/or information. Instead, seek brands like GSkill and Mushkin, that stand behind their products.

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