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High pressure tank

Type I

Metal tank (steel/aluminum)

Approximate maximum pressure, aluminum 175 bar, steel 200 bar.

Type II

Metal tank (aluminum) with filament windings like glass fiber/aramid or carbon fiber around the metal cylinder. See composite overwrapped pressure vessel.

Approximate maximum pressure, aluminum/glass 263 bar, steel/carbon or aramide 299 bar.

Type III

Tanks made from composite material, fiberglass/aramid or carbon fiber with a metal liner (aluminum or steel). See metal matrix composite.

Approximate maximum pressure, aluminum/glass 305 bar, aluminum/aramide 438 bar.

Type IV

Composite tanks such as carbon fiber with a polymer liner (thermoplastic). See rotational molding and fibre-reinforced plastic.

Approximate maximum pressure, plastic/carbon 661 bar and up.

Tank testing considerations

In accordance with ISO/TS 15869 (to be revised)

Burst test: the pressure at which the tank bursts, typically more than 2x the working pressure

Proof pressure: the pressure at which the test will be executed, typically above the working pressure

Leak test or permeation test, in NmL/hr/L (Normal liter of H2/time in hr/volume of the tank

Fatigue test, typically several thousands of cycle charging/emptying

Metal Hydride storage tank

Magnesium Hydride

Using Magnesium for hydrogen storage, a safe but weighty reversible storage technology is made available. Typically the pressure requirement are limited to 10 bar.

The charging process generates heat whereas the discharge process will require some heat to release the H2 contained in the storage material.

Other Hydrides

see also Sodium Aluminum Hydride


2008 - Japan, a clay-based film sandwiched between prepregs of CFRP.

See also

Cascade storage system

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Gas cylinder

Hydrogen compressor

Hydrogen technologies

Hydrogen economy

Liquid hydrogen

Liquid hydrogen tank truck

Sodium aluminium hydride


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