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UK energy bills are rising year on year , with the average UK household energy bill being over 1,200 up over 300 from around 900. Switching your gas and electricity supply to the cheapest dual fuel deal is the easiest way to save money on those bills.

It is suprising to learn that not many people switch energy supplier: infact just half of all households have ever switched supplier and only just over 5 million switched last year out of 26 million UK households. The fact is that with savings of up to 400 a year for just switching energy suppliers it is well worth spending 5 minutes to find the cheapest dual fuel tariff.

Finding the cheapest dual fuel tariff.

Normally people are advised to compare prices across all energy plans before switching, so that they can make sure that they are getting the best deal, however this is time consuming. Fortunately this is done for you and instead of the extra money you spend on a more expensive energy plan you can instead go on a holiday, or buy a new laptop! By switching providers you will be one of the switchers with the cheapest dual fuel and not one of the over 80% of people who are spending too much on their household gas and electricity.

Once you have made sure that you are on the cheapest dual fuel deal in the market place, it is advised that you check the Energy Saving Trusts website where they give out free tips and advice on how to limit the amount of electricity and gas your home uses thereby enabling you to save even more money!

How often should one use the dual fuel Price Comparison.?

Dual fuel prices change every so often. It is recommended that you visit an energy comparison website every six months to find out what the current deals are.

Suppliers that provide a dual fuel tariff.

*British Gas Websaver 8 tariff
*Scottish Power Online Energy Saver 9.
*Online Energy Saver 8 from Scottish Power
*Save money with British Gas
*Southern Electric Go Direct!
*FixOnline 5- Eon's Cheapest Dual fuel offer.
*Npower Web 17
*EDF Online Saver version 5
Is it easy to transfer to a Dual fuel provider?

An independent survey carried out of domestic customers who change Dual Fuel supplier every week said that 90% of these people found it easy.
Using an accredited comparison site means:
You can compare all Dual Fuel suppliers.
Compare by price.
Assured that it is a 100% impartial, free and independent service..

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