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I don't have enough kitchen space for all of my cooking utensils. Any ideas for better organization?

For 3 years I've been trying to figure out a good way to organize my pots and pans. I have given them away, thrown them out, hidden them in other rooms, and in the end, just left them sitting on the counter. My walls are completely full of pictures my father says I can't take down because they are family history (he passed his old house on to me before he went to his retirement home). This causes a major problem for me. 10 pts to the person with the best answer!!

A pot rack is a huge help when your kitchen space is tight! Even though I have a large kitchen, my mother has most of the cupboards filled with assorted glassware because it's pretty. She's 85 and not about to change her ways.....

So I make do with what I have been able to clear out. I did bring a "hoozier" cabinet in and turned that into an island. My stock pots, steamers and large stainless steel bowls are in the bottom and I use the top for the coffee makers. My pot rack hangs right above that and it has a light in it so it's very handy!

I took the doors off the cupboards above the stove hood and installed stainless vertical racks in there. All my cookie sheets, cooling racks, broiler pans, pizza pans, cutting boards and my most used platters are up there. I love it because there is no rooting for anything! I can see right where it is and grab it!

I have a cabinet on our enclosed back porch that I store most of our canned goods in. I have a small closet out there also and that's where I put extra boxes of cereal, pasta and so forth. Then I had my husband put up shelves in our inside cellar way. Even though the shelves are only 6" and 8" wide, you can get quite a bit on them!

I keep my turners, spoons, spatuals, pastry brushes, whisks and all that type of stuff in crocks on my counters. I divided them up and store them where they get used the most.

As far as Dad and his pictures, put them somewhere else in the house. Perhaps even a place that visitors will see them more. Then if he asks, tell him you thought they should be in a more public area so they get seen!

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