Voltage Regulator

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How to solve a voltage regulator problem with a DIY wind generator?

I have a 40 volt DC generator connected by #12 stranded copper wire leading to a 20-60 amp disconnect with output to a 25 volt regulator that connects to a Xantrex Power Inverter. The power inverter is rated at 32 volts 80 amps. I keep blowing the 20 amp in-line protection fuse in the voltage regulator. Is there an easy solution for this problem?

The current from your generator seems to be exceeding the rating of the wire and the regulator.

The inverter can handle 80 amps, but the regulator only 20 amps. You have a number of choices:
tone down the generator somehow, or
add a bleeder resistor to waste some current or
up the wire size AND the regulator capacity

Increasing the wire size is easy. The regulator is not. More details on this would help.

Actually, for a low voltage system with a long run, #12 wire is too small. Even at 20 amps, you probably have a big loss in the wire.

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