Vrm Voltage

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Why do computer graphics cards have different brands for the same card?

There's NVIDIA graphics cards and so on, but why do the same graphics cards end up getting sold by third parties with their name on it?

The graphics chipset is the same, but the rest is different.

For example, a third parties which offer the same card have their own custom coolers (also known as non-reference coolers). This allows them to change the cooling capabilities and acoustics of the cooler. As a result, some cards run cooler, some run quieter, some run noisier, and some run hotter.

Third parties may also overclock the card to different clock speeds. Usually, you see the reference NVIDIA card have lower core and memory frequency than the third party non-reference cards. Again, different third party vendors may overclock to different levels.

Third parties may also change the overclock ability of the video card by adding more VRM (Voltage Regulator Modules) to the video card. This allows cleaner power to the graphics chipset, which is important if you're overclocking.

Third parties also bundle the card with different software that determines when to throttle the fan speed, and what RPM the fan runs at.

Hope this helps.

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