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HID Xenon Details

  • 2x replacement bulbs (and all the wires, connectors, etc. you should need)
  • 2x ballasts (to power the HID bulbs)
  • 2x mounting brackets (to secure the ballasts
  • miscellaneous mounting accessories (zip ties, double-sided tape, etc.)

HID Xenon Description

The kit was surprisingly well thought out – unlike the manual (it sounds like it was written overseas). I pulled out the all the parts and couldn't figure out why there needed to be as much wire in the kit as there was, but it all fit together brilliantly. The only troubling part is in some cars you will have to figure out where you're going to mount the ballast. The ballast is a necessary part of these bulbs, as it's what ramps up the voltage to power HID bulbs – and it's slightly larger than a pack of playing cards. So you'll need to make sure there's a surface you can mount to somewhere near your headlight. As long as you're not afraid to get your fingers dirty, you should be able to install these in short order. If not, there's always the professional installation option.

HID Xenon Reviews

The best H.I.D's for the money!

I have to be honest I was a little skeptic on the quality of the H.I.D kit at first because of how low the price was, boy was I wrong!
I recieved the JLM H.I.D's and was plesantly surprised on how well the kit was made.

I am mechanically inclined so installation only took 10 min per side on my 2001 Lexus Gs300. The look of the 6000k was down right beautiful! Compared to my RX-8 with stock H.I.D's (4300K) the 6000k output was far greater in color and brighter too. My stock H.I.D's in RX-8 gives out a crisp white light with a hint of blue. My 6000k H.I.D' installed in my Lexus produces a brilliant ice white with a tint of blue. I also have 8000k H.I.D's in my '99 Acura Integra and the light output is less than the 6000k but they produce more of a bluish-purple color.(Also the Integra has projectors like my RX-8 so from different angles the colors could shift from white,to bluish -white , to purple.)

Out of all three H.I.D's I have in my cars, I love the look, the brightness and the perfect color of the 6000K H.I.D's from JLM. Did a little research and most luxury cars like BMW,Mercedes,Jaguar, etc. all use 5000-6000k H.I.D's. So the for my Lexus ,the 6000k H.I.Ds was a match made in heaven for my luxury vehicle.
I have to recommend these if you want brilliant light output and your not to focused on having lights that produce a bluish output on the road. If you are focused simply on color then i recommend the JLM 8000k kit which gives you more color and a little less light output, but would not recommed going no higher than 8000k as light output dimminishes dramatically and your left with pretty colorful headl lights but you won't be able to see anything at night.

Because I am so pleased with the 6000k I am going to buy a pair to replace the 8000k in my Integra. JLM is simply the best way to go!

HID Xenon Rating: 4 out of 5 >> More Reviews


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