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Tips when upgrading?What lens to buy?what Lenses not to buy?

ok so..i bought my first entry level dslr.thinking of the future..if i buy EF-S lenses it will not be compatible with Full-frame Canon slr soon when i upgrade..but if i buy an EF Lens it wont be compatible with my camera now..
are the EF Lenses compatible with AP-C sized sensors?
please help me! i really want to get the EF 17-40mm f/4L USM..but not the 10-22 EF-S. it has almost the same price..i do not want to invest on expinsive lenses..then later resell them..for later buying it for a diff.lens with the same Price range..
Thanks.im gonna get the EF 17-40mm f/4L USM.but they say it is going to be cropped..
right.Tnx for the Suggestions.

As I said on your previous question, the EF 17-40 f4 is compatible with your EF-S camera, but will not give you a particularly wide angle of view compared to the standard kit lens that came with the camera. If you want to buy an 'ultra wide' for your APS-C camera, the 17-40 f4 is not it.

Fitted to an APS-C camera the 17-40 is a wide to standard zoom, the same as a kit lens (18-55). It is equivalent to using a 27-64 lens on a full frame camera. Unlike the kit lens, it has a fast constant aperture (does not change when you zoom in and out) and will give much higher image quality.

Fitted to a full frame camera the 17-40 becomes a wide-ultra wide zoom. To get this effect on your APS-C camera, you will need something covering the 10-25mm range.

Unfortunately, when it comes to wide and ultra wide lenses, there are no cheap options.

Why are you wanting to upgrade to a full frame SLR? Do you need any of the benefits it will give? You sound reluctant to spend significant amounts of money on lenses, but if you move to full frame you'll find an even higher proportion of lenses are significantly expensive.

If you're wanting to buy lenses now to accompany a future camera purchase, I recommend that you don't. Save that money for the new camera and buy the lens when you actually need the special features it gives you.

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