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Infected pilodinal cyst two month after surgery?

I had a pilodinal cyst removed about two months ago. The post surgery went awesome the wound was healing very well and fast so it didn't bother me at all. I had surgery a month before starting school, now it has been almost three months after surgery and the wound looked pretty well to me it wasn't red or bumpy then from a week on it started to get red and started to get inflamed just like it looked like before the surgery. Not only that but when I apply soft pressure over the wound (top of my butt) it hurts just like it did when it had puss in it before surgery. Who thinks this might be the cyst growing again just three months after the surgery? I really don't want to have surgery again because the first few weeks were horrible I could not even sleep. The doctor had told me they had taken out everything and left it clean so I don't understand how it could start to flare up just three months after surgery.

The pilodinal cyst where it was located may have gotten infected, and thats why it could have flared up. You should go to a surgeon ASAP.

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